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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with mild Lupus which is an inflammatory disease that causes extreme fatigue and intense pain in my joints.  Since then, I have made myself endure the painful flare-ups of the disease which came and went without warning.  I am now 49 years old.  I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful college-age children.  I work full-time and attend college as a part-time student.  In fact, I have spent the last nine years working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and because of my weight, I was starting to worry whether or not I would be able to achieve my goal of graduating.  You see, I weighed 298 pounds, and the combination of the symptoms from the Lupus and my weight prohibited me from being able to stand for long periods of time or being able to bend over without my back hurting (key requirements of being a teacher).  I knew that I would be student teaching in January 2012 and that I would be required to stand most of the day and to bend over those small desks to help my students.  I was worried and scared and I could not imagine how I would be able to fulfill this requirement of my bachelor’s degree. I knew I needed to lose weight and I didn’t know where to start.  

That’s when I heard that Dr. Hartford was going to be on KDKA-TV news to talk about her Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age program.  However, I had class that evening and I would not be able to watch.  So, I called my mother and asked her to listen for me and let me know what she thought about the program.  The next day, I went to KDKA’s website where I was able to view the news clip and I very was interested in what I heard.  Then, I linked to Dr. Hartford’s website and a small box appeared asking me if I needed help.  I was able to type and ask questions. I typed in my telephone number and I received a call back the very next day!  I setup my first appointment on 12/2/2011.  (I am very lucky to be able to live within 25 miles of Dr. Hartford’s office.)

The Inflammation 911 (one of the recommended supplements in the program) is great.  Within a few days of starting the program and drinking the Inflammation 911 meal replacement shake, I could move my fingers in the morning.  The inflammation, which is one of the big symptoms of Lupus, was leaving my body.  I could move!

The Fit, Fun and Fabulous program is very easy to follow.  I, personally, love to sleep in and I would rather skip breakfast altogether or I would have muffins, toast, or fast food on my way to work in the morning.  I have since come to learn that breakfast is extremely important to your body and therefore should not be skipped.  The inflammation 911 has now become my breakfast because it is very easy, fast, and gives me all the energy I need to start my day.  It is simple to follow the program – I have a shake for breakfast and a mid-morning snack.  Then, I pack my lunch or have another shake, and then I eat a healthy dinner in the evening.

After just SIX months of following the program, I am excited to say that I have lost 60 pounds and I am not stopping!  I was able to complete my student teaching requirements without pain, and I am very proud to be able to say that I have achieved my goal and I have graduated with my cherished degree.  I have been able to start exercising regularly and I can even mow my lawn all by myself! The weight loss provided this possibility along with being able to take walks at night my husband, reduce my knee pain, and give me the energy necessary to take on a new career!   Healthy weight loss is truly life changing!


To learn more about how you can become Fit, Fun and Fabulous and reach your weight loss and wellness goals click here Fit, Fun and Fabulous!

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