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Create a Highly Aligned Chiropractic Practice That Attracts Clients With Ease

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What if you could run a successful practice from a place of passion starting today?
The Creative Chiro is the revolutionary program that will give you the step-by-step tools to elevate your practice -- and keep clients coming back, and referring to you.
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I'm Dr. Kathleen Hartford, and I have been a chiropractor for over 40 years.

Like you, I am deeply passionate about healing people. 

You already know that there is that there is so much more to being a chiropractor than what they taught you in school.  And, if you want to be truly successful, you need to get outside the daily grind and lean into your passion more. 

Maybe you are not sure how.


I built a highly aligned 7-figure practice that connected deeply with my clients, and with me.

My practice became a self-referring machine, because I applied the exact principles I teach in The Creative Chiro, and focused on a holistic approach to healing. I did not want to hustle and struggle, so I did it differently. 


The result of this approach was a lucrative business model that allowed me to share my passion with the world. And, you can, too. 

You don't have to settle for the status quo because you know you are here for more. 

I share everything you need in The Creative Chiro (and more) to help you to truly elevate and build a unique practice that has people talking about you. 

The same principles that I use will help you to grow, if you: 

  • Know there is a power greater than yourself present when you are working to heal a client

  • Love to tap into healing energy and spend your day there

  • No longer wish to be held captive to insurance reimbursements or low pay scales

  • Long to get off the hamster wheel of finding new clients

  • Want to reconnect to that part of yourself that guided you to the healing profession initially.

If you are ready to start your journey for more, I am ready for you.


By The End Of The Program,
You Will Have:


The 5-Part Strategy That Takes Your Business From Basic to Holistic

Our unique 5-Part Strategy will transform your approach. This comprehensive perspective enables you to address the multifaceted health needs of your clients, offering them a level of care that transcends traditional chiropractic practices, setting you apart.


The Tools to Build a Cash-Business Instead of Relying on Insurance

You'll learn how to shift from insurance-focused to cash business. This not only aligns with your passion for providing exceptional, unrestricted chiropractic care but also significantly boosts your practice's profitability and sustainability.


The Clear Roadmap to Your A Highly Aligned Practice

You'll have an actionable roadmap to cultivate a highly aligned practice that resonates with your core values as a chiropractor and healer. You will bring heart-centered patient care into your daily operations, and finally take yourself out of the grind.



We're redefining the essence of chiropractic practice.


Through a carefully curated 6-module program, you'll dive deep into innovative strategies that blend the art and science of chiropractic care.


From mastering heart-centered patient relationships to establishing a thriving cash-based practice, each step is designed to elevate your business and enrich your professional fulfillment.


Join me, Dr. Kathleen Hartford, as I guide you beyond traditional boundaries, towards a practice that's not only profitable but profoundly rewarding.


Welcome to the future of your practice – vibrant, connected, and passionately yours.

If you are ready to learn how to create a lucrative practice, filled with passion... let's get started today!

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In 6 compressive video modules, I will guide you through the 5 aspects of health to truly heal and connect with your clients on a different level. In these modules, you will also learn how to rely less on insurance and continue to grow your practice. I walk you through everything you need to know to build your highly aligned business, with my 40+ years of experience. 

You will master a deep understanding of, not only healing, but the Universal energy that made you, sustains you and keeps you striving for health every day of your life. This module is perhaps the juiciest! Be ready for mind blowing expansion!

MODULE 1: Source Energy Healing Perspective

MODULE 2: Neurological Healing

You will discover not only how your healing hands effect the nervous system but how everything around you does as well. From your foods to your music to the colors on your wall. The nervous system is a dynamic system that is taking in it's environment every second of every day. Share this information with your patients to enhance their ability to benefit from your gentle care.

MODULE 3: Biochemical Healing

You will master the number one cause of your patients recurring pain and receive a program to empower them to be their greatest healer. This program will also allow them to be biologically younger this year than last! It’s an online do-it-yourself program, for your patient, which requires nothing from you but cheering as they reach their fullest potential!

MODULE 4: Emotional Healing

I ask you the question "Is there ever a time when you are not thinking and feeling? Here we get to explore the energy of thought and how trauma response can keep your patient stuck in an endless loop of recurring misalignment and pain. “Eyes in distortion” is one of the best examples of this phenomenon.

MODULE 5: Bioenergetic Healing

You come to understand the importance of your own touch. The importance of the earths energetic vibration and how you work with that vibration knowingly or unknowingly everyday in your practice. Energy medicine is the wave of the future and as soon as your patient enters your space they begin to resonate (or not) with the energy of your space. Learn how to keep your energy at its highest level at all times, and to provide the optimum healing environment, to serve both you and your patients.

MODULE 6: Putting It All Together

You will learn a new and exciting technique to bring it all together! Now that you understand the 5 aspects of health and how they come together to create a powerful Pyramid for Healing your patients, you can apply them! This Health Pyramid Technique is an easy to learn approach which  will take you through the energy centers, the colors that influence them, the emotions that are triggered by imbalances within them, the body symptoms that can be generated when these energies are disrupted and the nutrients that will support the cellular healing of any imbalance within the system.

You are getting what is worth tens of thousands to your practice for just





How long will it take me to finish the course? 

This is a do-at-your-pace course. If you want to complete all the modules in a 1-2 weeks, that is very possible. But, if you are busy and you need more time, you can take the time you need.


How long will I have access to the information?

You have access to the content for as long as we have our content live! We may make updates or edits, and you will get access to that, too. 


What if I have questions about the content?

We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality of content. You may have questions, and we welcome emails so we can help you to better understand. 


How do I know if this course is right for me?

The Creative Chiro is for any chiropractor or healer that is starting or ready to make a change in their practice so they can make more impact, and more money. If that sounds like you, this course will change your life.

If you are ready to elevate your practice... 

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