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4 Seasons Retreats

Explore your authentic self through gratitude, authenticity and acknowledgement of who you are, where you are, and where you are committed to going

If you had the opportunity to meet your authentic self, how would your authentic self look?  What would your authentic self say?  How would your authentic self feel?  Now ask, are you ready to meet that self? If your answer is YES!  


Then let’s begin your journey to rejuvenate and reclaim your body, mind, and spirit by befriending Your True Hearts Desire! 

Join us at My Hearts Desire farm to discover the exciting world of Integrated Natural Healing

We will explore the 5 aspects of integrated health. #1 food and the environment, The #1 emotional contributor to illness, and the gentle balancing techniques that can enhance your ability to heal. Beginning with your cellular health and extending to the creation of the energy and vitality that everyone craves. You will understand why true energy comes from an internal quiet peace, in fact, we will provide for you with a FREE take-home process to help create that quiet peace within you.

Understanding that your physical and mental health directly relies on communication is powerful, but understanding how to enhance that communication is priceless! That is what we do at the Hearts Desire Healing & Retreat Center. From our cottage one-on-one services to our equine retreats. Everything at Hearts Desire Farm is designed from 36 years of Dr. Kathleen Hartford's licensed healing experience along and her 46 years of stewardship & passion for horses. The Hearts Desire Healing & Retreat Center has been designed as a personalized healing center just for you. 


Uncover the hidden secrets to success

Secret 01

Live a fully expressed and integrated life.

Secret 02

Tap your authentic power.

Secret 03

Experience Joy and express gratitude 

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A typical day schedule

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Upcoming Retreats

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