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What is your biological age?

The biomarkers of aging, when averaged will give us a biological age.


Health Pyramid Patient: RF (initials only) AGE: 73 BIOLOGICAL AGE: 71 NEW BIOLOGICAL AGE: 58

  1. RF: 12 weeks later has a cellular age gain of almost 15 years, that means her cellular expression is 15 years younger!

  2. Her systolic blood pressure dropped 20 points, giving her a younger heart age.

  3. Her strength and muscle mass increased giving her a younger strength age.

  4. Along with a decrease in fat %, and reversal in her waist to hip ratio.

Your biological age is the age of your cells as they express your health and vitality through your blood pressure, your waist to hip ratio, your strength, your lean muscle mass, your body fat percentage and 7 other biomarkers of aging. Tufts University Human Nutrition and Research Center defined certain biomarkers that are indicators of our biological age. Your biological age should at least equal your chronological age but unfortunately, for most people, especially people with health and weight issues, our biological age is usually older than our actual years.

This increase in the age of our cell indicates an accelerated aging process that when left unchecked leads us down the road to chronic disease and debility. Through the Fit, Fun and Fabulous Program you will not only lose those unwanted stubborn pounds, especially around your mid-section, but you will see major changes, measurable changes, in your overall health and vitality.

The Fit, Fun and Fabulous Program brings together for the first time FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE AND FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE. Through the use of FDA defined Medical Foods we get measurable health changes in 3 months that would normally take 2 years through dietary changes alone. These medical foods combined with Functional Exercise, to return normal function and strength to your body, powerfully reverse the accelerated aging process. Make no mistake most of us are in that accelerated aging process which leads us to premature aging and chronic disease. Science is finding that even our children are experiencing life threatening conditions of heart disease, high blood fats, type 2 diabetes and obesity all of which, until recently, were associated with aging.

The importance of this information for ourselves, and our children is profound. For the first time in history we now have the true Key To Vital Living AND Prevention. No longer do your children need to be at risk of becoming one of the 30% of their generation predicted to become diabetic. Type 2 diabetes is within your control, as are the biomarkers of aging, and the Fit, Fun and Fabulous Program supports that control through information and coaching.

Make it a lifetime of HEALTH and VITALITY!

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