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Blog: 6 Vibration And Creations of Disease

In our last blog we stated that resistance disrupts flow and distorts energy leading to a loss of ease in our external relationships and ultimately dis-ease internally as our body struggles to maintain homeostasis.

You might ask the question “If everything around me was made by perfect energy then why am I and everyone around me struggling physically, spiritually and emotionally?” Great question! Let’s begin there!

If, as I said earlier:

In the beginning was the Word,

And the Word was with God, and

The Word was God

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made through him:

And without Him was not anything made that was made.

And if God is perfect then how did we become so imperfect?

Imagine this, a beautiful perfect energy created the universe. In that energetic space all is balanced, whole and at one with itself, much like the heavens are described in various religions. But then something happened. The creator gave us a mind and then let the mind have choice…choice to create. Some call it free will.

Coming from the Creator’s energy it is only logical to assume that we are also creators. Much like a drop of the ocean is still the ocean; with all its inherent qualities…it’s just much smaller. And as a drop, in contrast to the whole, we feel separate, so we become a drop named Kathy, or Bill or Michele…we become an ego identity. In the space of this ego identity and this concept of separation we begin to judge; is this better or that better…am I better or are they better…do I like this, or do I like that…These thoughts create what we desire and what we do not desire. And these desires leave us either moving toward something or moving away/resisting something. This creates the constant ebb and flow of desire and movement, which we experience in our bodies every day. However, if we are always leaning toward a desire or away from a desire then we are never ‘In the moment’ and this is where our difficulties begin.

We will get into this further in the upcoming chapters but for now let’s just explore these two initial concepts.

1. We are created out of the perfect energetic vibration of the Creator who seems to have many names: God, Allah, Elah, Abba, Sat Nam, or as I like to refer to the creator the ‘All That Is’, because nothing else was made that was made.

2. We became a drop of the ocean, through this creative process and assumed an ego, which functions separately from the other drops/egos who are part of this creation. In our separation we begin to think no longer as part of the whole but rather as a separate identity called ‘I’. And in our I-ness we begin to create thoughts, which lead to judgments, which lead to desires, which keep us moving toward or away from these objects, which prevents us from being in the current moment.

It is these thoughts that begin to distort that perfect creative energy that ‘spoke us into being’. Because our universe is vibrational in nature, and quantum physics has proven this, that distortion of thought energy changes the information that is being sent to our now physical bodies.

This distortion occurs first in the less tangible planes, the plane of our thoughts, the vibration of these thoughts then effects our more tangible energetic centers such as our meridians, our neurological plexes, our organs and our abilities to metabolize nutrients, create new cells and eliminate our waste, from our own biological waste to the toxic waste of our environment.

Starting with our energetic field and continuing through the increased physical form and density of our skin, every thought we think creates a change in the vibration of our field, our cells, our tissues, and our organs. Therefore, every thought we have either enhances our health and our life or diminishes our health and our life, depending on its resonance and congruency with who we are. Getting this concept helps us understand how our life becomes a sum of our thoughts, which become our choices. Each negative, separating, or resistant thought diminishes our vibration and effects the vibration of the next physical level.

This also explains why all forms of healing can have validity. Anything, even the touch of another’s hand, can and will change your energetic resonance, which can and will affect every cell tissue and organ in your body. Even a researcher looking into a microscope with an expectation can effect the outcome of the ‘scientific’ experiment they are observing.

For the more subtle energetic distortions, more subtle healing approaches can stop or reverse an imbalance that could lead to a disease state. Chiropractic can balance the neurological information, acupuncture can balance the meridian information, Neuro-emotional technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, and energetically based psychology practitioners can help to balance emotional areas, food and targeted nutrients can provide the necessary nutrients for healing struggling cells, tissues, and organs.

However, there are also limitations of matter. A 45-caliber bullet, two colliding vehicles, daily drug and alcohol addiction, severe emotional and physical abuse are all examples of these limitations, and in that moment, you may need more tangible/dense treatment from a traditional medical approach to provide trauma care.

However, most of us are not dealing with severe trauma, we are dealing with daily events from childhood, the food we ate, the water we drank the relationships we had with those around us from our family to our school.

If we look at these pictures and allow that the perfect energetic vibration made us, maintains us, and keeps us striving for health every day of our lives then the other pictures show us the challenges we create for our physical body to maintain its health and vitality.

Starting with school, the stress of school, social media, friends, family, the need to belong somewhere and the often-negative emotional thoughts and mind patterns that grow out of that stress.

Then we add to the emotional stress negative dietary habits, that effect everything from our energy to our ability to think clearly, to our ability to maintain balanced hormonal states. Not to mention the void when our cells are reproducing themselves with no healthy nourishment available! Do you know you reproduce yourself on the molecular level every 11 months! Those new cells you are making can only be as healthy as the resources you supply them, clean water in the amount of at least half of your body weight in oz. (I’d prefer 2/3rds but I’ll take ½), clean air, wholesome preferably organic foods, exercise, stress management techniques etc. click here for the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Program.

In response to our experiences our mind makes judgments and based on these judgments we decide the type of foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the exercise we participate in and the physicians we will seek to create health in our body. No right or wrong answers here. Always remember this. Your life will be the sum of the choices you make and often these choices are unconscious and driving us in ways we have no awareness of.

Let’s look at the bigger picture, if we can create diseases in our body through our thoughts by creating distorted energy then how do we as an individual effect the world?

Consider for a minute that you are a cell in the body of this world and you as a drop of this vast ocean are connected to every other cell. Consider that mother earth really is an entity, a body of life much like yours and mine. She imbibes water, sun and nutrients from the soil. She cleanses herself through her plants her waterways and her many layers of earth. Consider now that each of us are a cell with a vibration that either enhances, Mother Earth’s vibration or diminishes Mother Earth’s vibration.

Much like the human body some cells are diseased, spewing toxins into the system, creating imbalances that affect the whole of Mother Earth. As a human you can have a healthy urinary tract system (waterways) but if your ego I, is continuously putting impurities in the form of excessive alcohol, fast foods, simple carbohydrates then eventually your entire body will be struggling with toxic waste as the urinary tract works endlessly to cleanse them from our system.

Cancer cells can destroy the entire being much like our violence against humanity, human pollution and toxic industrial waste can destroy Mother Earth. So, as we assess our beingness we must ask who are we being? Are we enhancing Mothers Earth’s health and well-being or are we diminishing Mother Earth’s health and well-being? And if as cells of a living breathing Mother Earth, what are we doing to support, or diminish each other? Think deeply…

In Our next blog we will explore

Becoming Authentic with What Is

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