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Blog 2: Excerpts from Ramblings of a Mad Woman

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In the space of creative energy, I would like you to sit with the following “what if” statements for a minute to begin to experience the freedom inherent in them.

· What if Creative Energy does exist?

· What if Creative Energy spoke this creation into being through the Word?

· What if all life came from this perfect energetic vibration?

· What if all dis-ease, disease, and dysfunction physical, spiritual, and emotional comes from the distortion, interference, and resistance to the Word?

We know that everything is energy in various forms. The most reduced forms being molecules, atoms, quarks leptons etc. These are the physical manifestation, or the vibratory essence of the Word as it slows to make a denser form of itself called matter. The energy of the Word is what holds this entire creation of form together. It weights nothing and is intangible to most. However, as you become more aware of its presence you will be able to feel it; in fact, it is vital that you do. It is always, it is everywhere, and is the mirror that reflects your personal reality.

It is widely understood that anything that disturbs this energy on a gross physical scale such as radiation, electrical wires, or radio waves, to name a few, can distort the body’s frequency enough to create cellular mutations. This gross level affects our biology on the cellular level, but it goes far beyond that.

Consider, for a moment, that your thoughts, your food, your family members, your friends, and your work each have a vibratory rate. If this is true, and we stay with the “what if” thought, then to create a new life, a new body, a new way of being, we must become aware of our energetic resonance and of how the energetic vibration of everything in our lives either enhance our own resonance, on the cellular and emotional level, or diminish it.

We must be interested in what we have created in our lives thus far, exploring how and why we have created or attracted this thing called “our life.” If our goal is to release all resistance and return to our natural vibratory state, then as with all journeys we must assess where we currently are. As we do this, we can re-create our lives more consciously and joyfully just as we can change course in a physical journey. This is how we grow. This is how we evolve as human beings. This is how we create a better world for our children and our grandchildren.

Just as the Word is the magic that animates every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. It also joins us together, we are all one, arising from, and connected to, the same energetic ocean and returning upon death to that same beautiful sea. Religions can and should be reminders of this ocean of love that all the prophets have spoken of. If we utilize this thought stream in our healing practice or for our self-healing then we can live our life at our greatest potential for health, vitality, and personal awareness.

“What is the good of running to the forest

to find the Lord?

He resides within you

and pervades all your being, yet is apart.

God is within you

as the perfume is in the flower,

and the image in the mirror.

He is deep down

at the bottom of your hearts

there he must be sought."

The Inner voice, CW Sanders

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