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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Fit Bomb Sauna Lose weight faster and more efficiently when combining the Fit Bomb with the Fit, Fun & Fabulous At Any Age program. The most obvious benefit to regular use of our Hi-Q infrared sauna is the rapid and easy shedding of that extra fat. Just a few sessions in our infrared Hi-Q sauna will leave you looking years younger. It will actually improve your cardiovascular system, blood pressure… even if you never touch the included resistance training gym. Yep… there is a COMPLETE GYM in the sauna!  You also need to know that Hi-Q sauna users report less stiffness in hands, joints, and other areas. What’s more, the pain associated with these ailments is drastically diminished, sometimes completely.

Safe Detoxification We live in a polluted environment and work in polluted spaces. Did you know that you will detox your entire body as you sweat?! Sweat contains as much as 20% toxins and acids and the most important thing is we have the targeted nutrients to get rid of the toxins, while you sweat so they do not interfere with your Thyroid, Liver and Colon! 

Personal Packages Are Now Available to our patients with the appropriate nutrients to support the process.

Our 3 programs target:

  1. Weight/Fat loss

  2. Detoxification

  3. Ultimate fitness

Add this to our already dynamic duo of specific Chiropractic adjustments and the Class 4 K-Laser (the only hot laser in the Alle-Kiski area) and what do you get? Your Health, Energy, and LIFE Back!

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