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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Finally, mainstream media acknowledges what Dr. Hartford has been telling her patients for nearly 3 decades.  Forbes recently reported a study that chronic inflammation contributes to accelerated aging, and if you want to live to 100, you need to keep your inflammation levels low. We know that chronic inflammation not only contributes to accelerated aging, it increases the risk of heart disease, type2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and lifestyle-related cancers.

The study conducted by the team of experts from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing and Keio University School of Medicine observed more than 1,500 people, with ages ranging from 50 to 110. Several bio-markers of aging were measured, including metabolic rate, inflammation levels, liver and kidney function, and telomere length.

The study’s co-author, Professor Thomas von Zglinicki from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing was quoted saying, “This study, showing for the first time that inflammation levels predict successful aging even in the extreme old, makes a strong case to assume that chronic inflammation drives human aging too.”

This is something that Dr. Kathleen Hartford’s patients have been hearing for nearly 3 decades!


Science has found that a Mediterranean-style diet, combined with exercise and abstinence of tobacco, can prevent over 70% of cancers.  We know that lifestyle plays a major role in the prevention of cancer, which is why information like this is so important.

Studies have confirmed that as overweight people lose weight through lifestyle changes, those inflammation-producing cytokines are reduced and numerous health measures improve.  Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age, teaches you how to achieve these changes in 12 weeks, which normally take two years, through diet alone.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, the author noted “While much focus has been on fighting inflammation with drugs, researchers are getting a better understanding of the links connecting diet, inflammation and illness and discovering ways that foods can help keep inflammation in check.

CREDENTIALS:  Dr. Kathleen Hartford, a licensed Integrated Wellness Practitioner, Healthy Aging Expert, and NET licensed specialist, has dedicated herself to improving her patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. The author of FIT, FUN & FABULOUS AT ANY AGE, Dr. Hartford speaks all over the world to promote understanding among the healing disciplines and to help people reclaim their health and vitality.

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