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Home Plate to Turn On Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Our Chiropractic care is your home plate for your general health. Chiropractic care at Health Pyramid keeps your nervous system functioning at its highest level. This is vital for general health, immune system function, bone strength, joint motion, muscle balance, correct posture, and relieving most painful musculo-skeletal conditions. This has the following benefits:

  1. Manages aches and pains due to age related degeneration.

  2. Relieves Sports, Auto and Work related Pain and Injuries.

  3. Relieves and Resolves Most Headaches and Migraines.

  4. Keeps you and your body moving throughout your life!


1st Base To Feed Your Cells

Get your support for blood pressure, blood sugar, osteoporosis, low energy, thyroid and adrenal causes, stress modulation, candida/yeast fungal conditions, and environmental stressors with our 30 day Targeted Nutrient Program. At first base, you will benefit with the following:

  1. ​Healthy Aging and Weight Loss

  2. Detoxification Protocols for disease and systemic inflammation

  3. IBS/Digestive Health enhancement

  4. Immune System enhancement

  5. General Allergies


2nd Base To Heal Your Tissue and Reduce Inflammation

You have heard about our K-Laser by now, and this is the most effective and natural way to heal your tissue and reduce inflammation. The K-Laser is pain free and drug free.

  1. Most effective class-4 hot laser on the market

  2. Deep healing for damaged tissue and joint related pain

  3. Enhances blood flow and oxygenation to damaged tissue

  4. Red Light healing benefits

  5. Relieves:

Muscle spasms and deep muscle pain Migraines Degenerative Arthritis causing knee, back, neck and joint pain Diabetic foot pain Wound and Incision Healing Shoulder rotator cuff strain, tears and AC separation Bursitis ACL/PCL injuries and post-knee replacement All sprain and strain injuries Disc degeneration Bell’s Palsy TMJ disorders and trigeminal neuralgia Ear Infections


3rd Base to Detoxify, Strengthen and Rebuild!

At 3rd base, your body is strengthened! Our FitBomb infrared sauna supports more effective weight loss and many additional benefits including the following:

  1. Fat Loss due to increase in Metabolism

  2. Gently Creates Cellular Detoxification

  3. Enhanced Movement of joint and muscle tissue

  4. Gentle fitness and muscle enhancement utilizing exercise bands

  5. Supports Healthy Bone formation when using resistant exercises

  6. Stabilizes Blood Sugar, increases Oxygen and Red Cell count

  7. Red Light Therapy

  8. Enhances Growth Hormone Production

  9. Support for:

Fibromyalgia Lyme disease Arthritis Some forms of depression Any Toxicity Based Condition

Call now to set up an appointment and to implement your health home run plan: 724-295-2100

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