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By Dr. Andrew Oteo DC Consider for a moment the intricacies of a musical orchestra.  The average size of a full orchestra is about 100 musicians, all playing together harmoniously to create a universal rhythm and tone. If one of these instruments fails to play in tune or at the correct rhythm, it will throw off the entire song and diminish the quality of the musical experience.No doubt, the human body trumps in complexity the most dynamic orchestra ever conducted.  Muscles, joints, circulatory structures, nerve impulses all work together to create a harmonic rhythm that allows us to stay active in our life. Every individual link in the chain must do its job in perfect order to create a desired physical motion.  A neurologic signal must travel from the brain into a nerve bundle that is carried to the desired area of the body, stimulating a cascade of events that ultimately creates an infinitely delicate event such as raising our arm or bending our knee.  Even the smallest amount of break-down of this cascade has the ability to produce a massive negative outcome commonly known as pain.

Most people don’t associate doing a bench press or performing a burpee as a “symphony in your body”, but this is in fact what is occurring behind the sweaty t-shirt.

Now consider a doctor’s job. When somebody comes in to the office with pain, my job is to find the disruptive part of the symphony. In order for us to diagnose what is occurring incorrectly, the desire tune must be replayed…. Many times, over and over again.  Timing, rhythm, quality, and quantity are all factors that must be taken into consideration, just as a conductor breaks apart a song line by line to optimize the sound quality of a song and to construct a new pattern of performance.

To summarize this metaphor:  Your body is a delicate instrument.  Care for it well and keep it finely tuned.


​Andrew Oteo, DCDr. Andrew Oteo makes it his mission to educate and support as many people as possible in reaching their life potential. This mission includes his role as a practicing doctor and in sharing his experiences with Parker interns and prospective students. Dr. Oteo’s service to Parker University reflects the best principles by which Dr. Jim founded the institution. As a Parker ambassador he worked to strengthen relationships with UT Dallas and local community colleges, and is committed to serving Parker University as a Parker mentor, vice president of the Parker Alumni Association Board of Directors, and as a credentialed Community-Based Internship (CBI) doctor. Dr. Oteo was also named the 2015 Parker University Young Alumni of the Year. He does not limit his service strictly to Parker University, but also supports wounded warriors through his involvement with the Patriot Project and the Warrior Open golf tournament in Las Colinas, TX where he has been a central part of integrating chiropractic care into the event’s medical team since 2011. Whatever Dr. Oteo does, he is firm, and enthusiastic in his approach. He brings energy and optimism to his chiropractic practice and his passion in life is helping people reach their full God-given health and performance potential through chiropractic care.

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