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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

My experience with thousands of patients has been, when we change the physical body we create change throughout the entire being and as we change our personal/emotional life our physical body will change. This is the Mind-Body connection, which we will be working with throughout our retreat experiences.

Awareness is the beginning of all conscious living. Awareness of these areas gives you the chance to explore where you are, who you are and how you want to BE in the world. It is exciting, its juicy and it begins the powerful process of being the master of your life. To live your life fully with Joy, Purpose and Passion one must first be real with your creation thus far.

Before taking the assessment, if you meditate please enter that meditative state, if you are not familiar with meditation then simply sit upright in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, take a few breaths and focus on the air moving into your body. Feel your lungs expanding with the breath then gently release the air and feel your lungs relaxing. As your lungs relax your body/mind will relax. Now from this state feel into the following areas of your life.

Go well,

Dr. Kath

Current Life Satisfaction Assessment I would like you to evaluate the important areas of your life. Use a simple scale of 1-10. 10 being perfect bliss and happiness in your life in relation to this area, 1 would be hopelessness and impending doom. Begin below once you have cleared your mind and feel ready to do so.

1. Ethics now there is a powerful word. Here’s the deal you cannot be your best self and live a fulfilled life if you are living it out of integrity. Integrity or wholeness of who you are is vitally important for you to feel good on the inside. Ethics make you worth knowing. It is important to examine the ethical values that you base your day-to-day existence on. Creating a value-based life provides an inner sense of integrity/wholeness that nothing else can replace_________

2. Family is possibly the most important and the most common area taken for granted. Relationships with parents, children and spouses are not only important to society and to you as an individual they are the safe space where we should be able to land for comfort and security at the end of the day. Could you imagine the world if everyone took care of their own providing safety and support for each other? Could you imagine the type of family you could create if you became deeply interested in ‘who’ your children and/or spouse are and then shared in that with them? It’s tons of fun and it will change the world. _____

3. Finances now here is the American weakness. We have been trained to live above our means. Credit cards, credit lines, expensive toys. It’s all here for the taking. Yet I would venture to say that this area probably creates one of our greatest internal stressors. Just as over extending yourself physically creates long term burnout and exhaustion, over extending yourself financially creates long-term financial exhaustion. Remember everything is an exchange of energy. With physical burnout we must first stop the over extending of physical energy and heal the overworked organs/glands. When dealing with financial exhaustion we must first get out of debt, stopping the financial exhaustion, then budget for what you truly desire, making certain that personal time and family vacations are a part of that budget. (See our financial section) _______

4. Health, everyone wants it few are willing to do what it takes to achieve it and then maintain it. Your health is the ticket. Your body is the vehicle through which you will experience your life. If you were going on a cross-country trip you’d never want to risk taking a broken down vehicle. Yet many choose to live in broken down bodies that can, and often time do collapse at any moment. This is your life and it will be difficult to enjoy it if you are filled with pain, unable to move, taking drugs to get through the day and living in a fog. I am committed to you living your life FULL OUT, you cannot do that with health challenges so we will outline a lifestyle that will provide your highest genetic potential but please let me know where you feel your health currently sits in our 1-10 scale. ________

5. Home is where the heart is. What shape is your home in? Do you enter it saying ‘ahhh thank God I’m home’ or do walk into it and say ‘Oh my God what a mess’. As is the macrocosm so is the microcosm. Your house is a reflection of you. Is it messy or is it anal retentively tidy. Is it lived in? Is the furniture comfortable or is it there just for show. Your house/home is an important piece of your internal world ________

6. Our career often times defines who we are. Have you ever asked yourself who would I be if I weren’t a surgeon, a lawyer, a teacher, or a homemaker. Do you know who you really are underneath that image? Also what would you like to do within your field? Do you want to continue to grow and learn? Do you want to branch out into other areas or do you have a deep despair around a career that no longer feels right for you.  ________

7. Education, have you always wanted to further your degree? Are there certain conferences you should be attending to enhance you career? Would you like to begin to take unrelated classes in subjects you have always had an interest in? Knowledge is power and it can also be loads of fun. What are your educational goals? Remember life experience cab also be an educational goal through volunteer work, world travels…it’s all in the intention of learning and sharing _________

8. Recreation; lets break down that word. RE-CREATE. This is where you get to re-charge your batteries, pursue your passions and belly laugh. Recreation is vital to body, mind and spirit. It can be as simple as fishing, joining a gym or taking a dance class. Explore what brought you great joy as a kid and do it! Chances are it will still be fun and you will feel like a new person when you are done.  _______

9. Spiritual connection, do you believe in a power greater than you? If not you probably spend allot of time in fear. I do not care how you connect to spirit in your life but research and experience shows that those who do are happier, healthier and live longer. So we can take it on as an exploration or we can support you in embracing it as you are

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