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Create a Heart-Based Model for the expansion of whom you want to be in the world as a Doctor Of Chiropractic

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Why Choose The Creative Chiro? 

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

There are 5 aspects of health that you can access

Sharing 35 years of experience

There is a power that made us, maintains us and keeps us striving for health every day of our life. The ability to tap into and release that power will have a direct effect on our ability to be fully expressed healthy human beings.

These 5 aspects of health, when in balance, allow us to reach our fullest potential to maintain mental, emotional, and physical ease. They even allow us to be biologically younger than our chronological age, and through this program, you will be able to measure and reverse that aging process for both yourself and your patients!

In my 35 years of Chiropractic Practice while helping tens of thousands of patients I’ve learned what works, what should be avoided and how to create repeated home runs for yourself and your patients. I’ve had the million-dollar practice in my 5,000 sq ft building with 8 staff members and transitioned to semi-retirement in my retreat cottage and 2 staff members.

Why Does This Program Matter?

Discover how to determine what your patients truly desire?

From chiropractic care, weight loss, or what colors should be on your walls, The Creative Chiro covers it all!

Do you know the most important conversation you will ever have with a patient?

It's called a Yes-Yes conversation, find out when to use it and why it is important to maintain a commitment to care

You've committed time and money to become the professional you are.

Now is the time to expand your wings and create Your True Hearts Desire

 Cynthia had an enormous amount of stress in her job and was eight years older biologically than her chronological age of 55. She complained of neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain, dizziness, depression, weight gain, and irregular bowel movements. Determined to manage the aspects of her life that she could control, Cynthia made the decision to work with one a personal trainer. She was set up with exercise and the Fit, Fun & Fabulous program, including medical foods, to help manage environmental stressors. Cynthia has since lost 19 pounds of fat and regained 12 years of her biological youth!                    


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