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Dr. Hartford

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Meet Dr. Kathleen Hartford

I began my professional journey in 1986, I loved taking care of others and creating long-term health-enhancing relationships with my patients. I deeply believe that heart-centered work always pays off both personally and financially for the highest and best good of all. I’ve achieved my professional goals and I know that each day brings me closer to understanding the significance of achieving what your heart truly desires. That is my goal for you: to explore new avenues and learn something that resonates with your soul, which can be applied to your heart-centered work. I hope you will explore my courses, and if it feels congruent for you, we can begin this journey together.

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The Creative Healer


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The Creative Chiro


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Wishing to hit home runs with your patients?
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The doctor said "there's nothing wrong with you. You're just stressed." I was a little heavier than normal. They checked me for allergies--dairy, gluten. I started watching what I was eating. I wasn't a bad eater. I met with Dr. Kathleen, within 30 seconds she said I had a candida problem, and I had it bad.Dr. Kath gave me a probiotic and some other supplements. She prescribed a diet of meat and vegetables. Within the first week you had lost 12 pounds. Within the second week I had lost over 25 pounds. If you had seen me before, during and after--you would guess I had lost weight, but wouldn't have noticed how much of a change was in my body. I lost so much weight none of my clothes fit. And I felt great!    

—  Chad G

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