Dr. Kathleen Hartford

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Meet Dr. Kathleen Hartford

In 1986 I opened my first Chiropractic practice in Cape Town South Africa, with my husband. As my girlfriend used to say, “I fell with my bum in the butter”. 

My in-laws owned a Thoroughbred Racing farm, and I was able to ride those majestic creatures while growing our business in the most beautiful city in the world. 

We left our beloved Cape to return to the USA in 1990 pregnant with our first child.  After a homebirth, designing a building for our new practice we once again began our passion of healing the world one spinal adjustment at a time.

Then it happened, three years into our new practice, we were on the cusp of a million-dollar practice, raising our three-year-old daughter and loving life when I received the call that my husband, my soul-mate and business partner, had just been in a plane crash. 

I knew in that moment that my life as I knew it, and loved it, had just come to an end. I loved the magic of Chiropractic but knew it would take much more than an adjustment to save and restore my husband’s life.

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Carla E

I was one of Dr. Kathy's first patients when she opened her office back around 1993 or so. I had recurring lower back pain that caused me to be flat on my back for several days a few times per year. I had been to several chiropractors, but with the same results. Dr. Kathy is different than all the others. She uses a light force technique for spinal manipulation. The results were quickly noticeable. Decades later, I have never had one instance where I couldn't walk. I would think it was a miracle, but I know that it is really the sincere expertise that this doctor has. I continue to see her for TBM because it has always made a significant different in my emotional and physical well-being.

Chad G 

The doctor said "there's nothing wrong with you. You're just stressed." I was a little heavier than normal. They checked me for allergies--dairy, gluten. I started watching what I was eating. I wasn't a bad eater. I met with Dr. Kathleen, within 30 seconds she said I had a candida problem, and I had it bad.Dr. Kath gave me a probiotic and some other supplements. She prescribed a diet of meat and vegetables. Within the first week you had lost 12 pounds. Within the second week I had lost over 25 pounds. If you had seen me before, during and after--you would guess I had lost weight, but wouldn't have noticed how much of a change was in my body. I lost so much weight none of my clothes fit. And I felt great!