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Dr. Hartford


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Meet your facilitator, Dr. Hartford

I began my professional journey in 1986, it's been an honor to provide others the answers to their health questions and challenges. Creating long-term health-enhancing relationships with my clients, from a heart-centered space probably heals me as much as others and always serves the highest and best good of all. I’ve achieved my professional goals and now, on my farm, each day brings me closer to understanding the significance of achieving what your heart truly desires. That is my goal for you: to explore new avenues and learn new approaches that resonate with your soul, which can be applied to your heart-centered work at home, on the job, and with your loved ones. I hope you will explore my courses, and if it feels right for you, we can begin your journey together.

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The doctor said "there's nothing wrong with you. You're just stressed." I was a little heavier than normal. They checked me for allergies--dairy, gluten. I started watching what I was eating. I wasn't a bad eater. I met with Dr. Kathleen, within 30 seconds she said I had a candida problem, and I had it bad.Dr. Kath gave me a probiotic and some other supplements. She prescribed a diet of meat and vegetables. Within the first week I had lost 12 pounds. Within the second week I had lost over 25 pounds. If you had seen me before, during and after--you would guess I had lost weight, but wouldn't have noticed how much of a change was in my body. I lost so much weight none of my clothes fit. And I felt great!    

—  Chad G

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