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By Guest Author, Danielle Schermerhorn

After I finished college and again after I had my first baby (and then my second baby), I thought for sure my skin would finally clear up. It had to, right? ​

Danielle Schermerhorn

Me in my college days… frustrated with my mom for taking a picture before I had on makeup. My skin was breaking out. Obviously I was uncomfortable.

​I had been struggling with acne for more than 10 years, and I figured it would finally go away on its own… mainly because when I was 16, my dermatologist, who prescribed an antibiotic to clear my acne, said I should expect to have acne for the next 10 YEARS. That was discouraging, but I figured I would manage my clogged pores, dry skin, and acne-scarred face with a ritual that I was told would cure it…

  1. wash face with soap

  2. use toner with salicylic acid

  3. add spot cream directly to pimples

  4. moisturize…

  5. repeat morning and night.

  6. Oh, and don’t forget to take prescribed medication once per day.

I did what I was told, until the medication caused side effects, including stomach pain. And all that washing and moisturizing? My skin continued to look unhealthy and had scars from past pimples. Acne continued to plague my skin, making me feel uncomfortable and unprofessional as I entered the workforce. I didn’t feel I was taken seriously by employers when I was dealing with acne.

And then there is my diet. I was also told to watch my diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid chocolate. I exercise often and pay close attention to eating healthy foods. I experimented occasionally with avoiding certain foods, but nothing seem to change my acne… until I found out I wasn’t avoiding the most important acne triggers.

After I turned 26, and still had acne, I was determined to find the right answer.

Depressed about how my skin looked, one night I stayed up late and researched why I suffered from acne. I finally found a connection. I learned that I had a zinc and copper imbalance that was causing me to breakout, and I was eating the biggest triggers of acne every day. Thanks to Clear Skin Forever, a website and e-book devoted to curing acne through diet and nutritional supplements, I learned the daily glass of milk and spoonfuls of peanut butter were giving me acne. Plus, I was not getting enough vital nutrients in my diet, especially of zinc and Vitamin D. There was more too… my ritual of washing and moisturizing my face was stripping my natural oils on my face, leaving it dry and unable to create a protective layer that would fight bacteria that causes pimples.

The next morning I started an experiment. I washed my face with warm water and left the soap behind. I didn’t eat peanut butter or drink milk (and reduced my sugar intake even more). I also purchased high-quality supplements for my skin from Dr. Kathleen Hartford. 

Within A WEEK, my skin looked clearer. Even more, it FELT HEALTHIER. I could see the improvement from not using soap or any other products on my face (I still wore makeup, but a light layer and only hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved, and paraben-free). My skin had a protective layer of oils that made my face look healthy, younger, and feel softer. I couldn’t believe that I had no new acne, and I was getting results quicker than anything I tried before. I didn’t only see improvements in my face, but my hair and my body also looked and felt healthier, probably due to the diet changes and added nutrition.

There was one more thing. I live in a harsh Minnesota climate, so to moisturize my face I purchased an aloe vera plant. I cut off a little piece of the plant and put it on my face whenever I feel my skin getting dry. I’ve noticed great improvement to my old acne scars since using aloe vera. It’s a moisturizer that will never run out (as long as I keep it alive). Luckily, it’s a hardy plant that is easy to maintain… because I have a long history of killing house plants.

I’ve shared my secret with more friends, and they have gone out of their way to tell me these changes cleared their skin, too.

I would love to tell every 16 year old that you don’t need to suffer from acne for the next 10 years. You can cure it with some simple changes that are more affordable and sustainable than what you’ve previously been told.

Learn more at clearskinforever.net  and get the best supplements for your skin from Dr. Kathleen Hartford. ​

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