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We have 3 very unique opportunities to improve your health at Health Pyramid Longevity & Vitality Center!

Of course we offer the most effective and most gentle forms of chiropractic care but now we are so excited to bring to our community 2 of the most advanced healing tools available today!


Unique Opportunity 1: Fit Bomb Infrared Sauna From HiQ Fitness we bring you the Fit Bomb Atom Bomb Infrared Sauna. Whether you’d like to burn more fat, detoxify your body on the cellular level, or experience the most efficient workout of your life, The Fit Bomb does it all plus:

  1. Weight Loss/Fat Loss

  2. Cellular Detoxification/Cleansing

  3. Anti-Aging

  4. Muscle Development

  5. Recovery from Sports Injuries

Even if you are currently working out at a gym, utilize the Fit Bomb twice a week and watch your results exponentially improve!

If you have been suffering with chronic pain and toxicity let the Fit Bomb gently help you detoxify. When you combine the Fit Bomb with our proven medical foods and antioxidants you ensure that the toxins exit your body and are not deposited back into your tissue. This combines with the K-Laser for pain is priceless!

If you are looking for increased muscle then combine the Fit Bomb with our Bio-pure Protein, Power Fuel and Bio-anabolic packs!


Unique Opportunity 2: K-Laser    The K-Laser is the most advanced class-4 healing laser available today, it is perfect for muscle and joint pain, sports injuries,  arthritic joints, pre-joint replacement, muscle pain & spasm.  Not to mention:

  1. Pain Management

  2. Wound Healing

  3. Cellular Rejuvenation

  4. Diabetic neuropathy

Unique Opportunity 3: Fit, Fun & Fabulous The Fit Fun & Fabulous Program focuses on reversing biomarkers of aging and inflammation, the major contributing factor of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and lifestyle related cancers.

For your Anti-Aging boost utilize the Fit Fun & Fabulous, At Any Age Program with the Fit Bomb and create more energy and weight loss than you ever thought possible. And by the way the health benefits are endless!

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